1205, 2020

A Bright Future: Here’s how students can work on achieving their career goals amidst a pandemic

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Empty halls and classrooms; it’s not just the jewelry showrooms and stores that are deserted. The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused a halt in the education sector, especially for students involved in the study of the [...]

505, 2020

Jewelry Retailing in an environment of global distrust: Here’s how you can restore faith in your customers while resuming operations

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The world has come to a standstill since the Coronavirus pandemic. Offices, restaurants, factories have all come to an unpredictable halt that has resulted in huge losses on a global [...]

505, 2020

Virtual Bling Shines In The Pandemic: Here’s how you can pitch your jewelry collection online

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The look and the feel of jewelry represent prestige, and this is something that shoppers find irresistible. They can’t get enough of it and even if there’s a huge crowd in [...]

1604, 2020

Use Of Gemstones As An Element Of Jewelry Design

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The colorful and mesmerising world of gemstone plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of a Jewelry since ancient times. Their unique features, growth patterns, beliefs, vibrancy, colors, and lustre bore the ability to [...]