For all you fortunate people born in January, garnets come in wide range of color and lustre. You can select your favourite color. The few colors of Garnets are red, green, brown, orange, yellow, purple, black and also in shaded colors like reddish orange, yellowish orange, Pinkish orange. Most common colors for garnets are red and brown.

Garnet is considered as a great gift to symbolize strength, power, friendship and trust. It is also one of the oldest known gemstone. Hence commonly worn but politicians, businessman, actors and list goes on.

Beliefs: Garnet as January Birthstone

There are several beliefs in power of the January birthstone, Garnet, such as physical health, mental health, success, passion, self-esteem, true friendship, fidelity, loyalty, devotion, energy, truth, faith and consistency. There are several people who believe in the power of gemstones while others wear it as a product of fashion and luxury.

Importance of garnets in astrology

Garnets, being the birthstone for January, are believed by astrologers to bring balance in life and eliminate all the negativities from the mind. Generally, Garnets are associated with Root Chakra which is the life force in our body.

Red garnets have several astrological benefits specially for those born with number 1 and 9.

Healing Benefits of Garnet:

    Astrologers believe and claim certain healing properties and benefits of Garnet:

  • Strengthens the lungs, spleen and spine.
  • Reduces Depression.
  • Known for curing blood circulation issues and diseases related to blood deficiency.
  • Garnet keeps heart healthy.

History of garnet

The modern name garnet was introduced by a philosopher, Albertus magnus in 1270.

The name garnet is derived from the Latin word “granatum ” meaning pomegranate as it
resembles the pomegranate’ s red round edible seeds.

Formation of garnet and its chemical composition:

Usually garnets are found in metamorphic rocks with main chemical composition of aluminium silicate and calcium silicate in combination of iron, magnesium, manganese, chromium.

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Garnet Birthstone
Importance of Garnet Birthstone
Benefits of Garnet Birthstone

Where are Garnets found?
Garnets originate from several countries around the world. Garnets are found in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar, China, Kenya, USA (North Carolina, Tanga and Utah), Burma (Myanmar), Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania (Umba Valley), Russia (Ural Mountains) and Canada (Quebec).

Demand and scope of Garnets:
There is an increase in demand for garnet due to its availability in different colors, lustres and optical phenomena that adds beauty in fine and fashion jewellery. Also, Garnet is gaining its demand from those born in the month of January and believe to use it as their birthstone.

Durability of Garnet
Usually garnet has the higher hardness about 6.5- 7.5 hence does not get scratched as easily.

Famous Garnets
“Subway Garnet” or Kunz Garnet, was discovered at West 35th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue in 1885 weighing 10 pounds. Eventually owned by The New York Mineralogical Club.

Identification of Garnets:
The birthstone of January, Garnets, can be identified from its simulants like ruby, rubellite tourmaline, spinel, zircon, glass to name a few. There several techniques to identify garnets like study of inclusions, physical and optical properties, using instruments and without using instruments that are taught to you in our professional Gemology Graduate course on practical basis at J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry.

Treatments in Garnets
The primary treatment on garnets is to improve the color. Hence Heat treatment and Irradiation treatment is done to make it look more attractive.
To learn more about process of treatments and its identification please click the link below.

Garnets are quite economical in India. Most common color of garnet is red and brown garnets.
Melanite garnet, Uvaroite garnet, Leuco garnet, Demantoid garnet are among the rare garnets. Demantoid garnet from Russia are among the most expensive garnets.
Prices of garnet may vary based on size, luster, color, transparency and origin.
A Gemologist qualified from J K Diamonds Institute can determine approx. value of these stones.