Project Description

Augmented Reality Workshop at J K Diamonds Institute for students

A workshop on Augmented Reality (AR) was held on campus at the Institute specifically for AR in jewelry. The workshop was organised by Meghna Saraogi, the Founder of MirAR by Style Dot Me, along with Devangana Vaish.

AR is the newest technology innovation specially in enhance customer experience in the jewelry sector and improve customer engagement with the brand. Through the use of AR, customers can now try the jewelry designs without having to wear them. For example, They can check out a pair of earrings and how it looks on them just by using the front camera of an Apple iPad.

This technology innovation helps the jewellers keep the check on inventory management. It encourages the customers to try new designs of earrings, necklaces, pendants, etc. without being in the stock at the retailer’s showroom. With this more variety of designs can be showcased to the customer.

Take a gist of the workshop along with several students trying various designs on AR.