Why is E-learning the future in India?

E-Learning Is Here to Stay: Why Distance Learning Is the Future of Education in India The Indian education landscape is witnessing a great shift. With the rise in technological advancements, the EduTech industry is revolutionizing the way we learn, and with the looks of it, it seems like online and blended learning (e-learning + [...]

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Garnet – The January Birthstone | Importance of Garnet

For all you fortunate people born in January, garnets come in wide range of color and lustre. You can select your favourite color. The few colors of Garnets are red, green, brown, orange, yellow, purple, black and also in shaded colors like reddish orange, yellowish orange, Pinkish orange. Most common colors for garnets are red [...]

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E-learning or Classroom Learning? JK Diamonds

E-learning is no more a niche method of teaching that only caters to a handful of subjects. It has established itself as a worthy contender in the education field. But does that mean it can take over the decades of establishment that classroom learning has made for itself all these years? When asked [...]

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E-learning: The New Form of Education Built for the 21st Century Learners

Education in the gems and jewelry industry is no more restricted to classrooms, which has been clearly demonstrated by J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry and Learnathon through their practical online Gemology and jewelry designing courses. But does distance learning have the potential to become the new normal post Covid19? The answer is [...]

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Here’s How You Can Educate Yourself In Jewelry From The Comfort Of Your Home

Has the pandemic put a brake in your jewelry career or education? If so, here’s how you can jumpstart your skills or pick up some new ones for the jewelry industry with a carefully curated list of online jewelry courses that can be taken whenever you want; from wherever you are. Life seems [...]

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A Bright Future: Here’s how students can work on achieving their career goals amidst a pandemic

Empty halls and classrooms; it’s not just the jewelry showrooms and stores that are deserted. The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused a halt in the education sector, especially for students involved in the study of the jewelry industry, who rely on practical and hands-on experience to gain knowledge. Many young minds are worried that their career [...]

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Jewelry Retailing in an environment of global distrust: Here’s how you can restore faith in your customers while resuming operations

VIEW COURSE The world has come to a standstill since the Coronavirus pandemic. Offices, restaurants, factories have all come to an unpredictable halt that has resulted in huge losses on a global scale. The retail industry and especially the luxury industry including jewelry has taken one of the biggest hits [...]

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Virtual Bling Shines In The Pandemic: Here’s how you can pitch your jewelry collection online

The look and the feel of jewelry represent prestige, and this is something that shoppers find irresistible. They can’t get enough of it and even if there’s a huge crowd in the jewelry shop, they will get their hands on the gold necklace or the diamond ring if they really want [...]

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Blockchain and the Jewelry Industry

Since the beginning of mankind, gold and diamond have been a symbol of luxury and exquisiteness. This is the reason why the value of gems and jewelry has never been overlooked. But, the jewelry industry has struggled to prove the purity and authenticity of the precious gems. Several reports suggest that the certification labs [...]

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The Rise Of Fashion Jewelry Industry

From being a fashion and symbol statement to having an auspicious slant, jewelry has a lot of significance for us and with time it has only evolved. Jewelry has been and continues to be an integral part of a woman's lifestyle. Women hailing from various economic strata have varied lifestyles, which means the choices [...]

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