The Jewelry industry in India is now embracing social media as a medium of promoting their business. Leading jewelry brands have increased their Digital Marketing expenditure. While diamond jewelry retail chain ORRA has completely shifted to the digital platform, others like PN Gadgil and Forevermark have increased their spending on digital marketing by 40-50% from last year. Through social media, brands are trying to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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There are many different platforms for Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine video, etc. There are certain social media strategies that can help the jewelry brands to enhance their business. They are as follows:

  1. Sell your brand

The jewelry industry is a luxurious one so the companies must focus on selling the brand. They should try to communicate the core values of the company to the audience. Most of the brands keep posting their products but they need to post content that helps them in building the brand. Companies like TanishQ maintain a balance between products and other content and it is working well for them. Many a times companies post customer reviews with a post and that is a really good way of building a brand by giving a testimony of the products of the company. Buying jewelry needs just as much thought as making an investment. So it is important the companies build a brand that creates trust in the minds of the consumers. Also, in the case of jewelry one very important aspect is the authenticity. When you talk about brands like TanishQ, TBZ, Kalyan Jewellers the customers have a trust factor attached to these names. They hesitate to buy from other companies. It is very essential to build a brand and sell it to the consumer because the products come and go but the brand goes a long way.

 2. Be consistent

When a brand creates it’s social media page on any social media platform it is necessary that they are consistent with updates. Brands that update their pages regularly enjoy a better performance as compared to ones who aren’t that active. TanishQ being such a big brand post on Instagram every day and that is what increases the fan following and customer base. They should post something or the other regularly so the customers know what is going on. They should post about the upcoming collections to create a buzz. Being consistent helps to build a community and that is very beneficial to the companies. This increases customer engagement and they feel more connected to the brand. In India the season for buying jewelry is Diwali. Brands should take advantage of that and should come up with exciting offers.


 3. Hold contests for customer engagement

The best strategy to enhance the business is to increase the involvement and engagement of the consumers. This can be done by holding contests which increases the follower base as well as the response of the consumers towards the brand. These contests create a buzz on social media and it eventually helps in increasing the prospects of sale. Many of the leading brands hold contests and it is a very good strategy. One such example is AkshayaTritiyaKiTayyari contest by TanishQ. Indians are very excited by contests and they are successful in gathering a response. A lot of consumers participate in it by commenting on social media posts and even upload posts with various hashtags.


 4. Content strategy

Content is very important in terms of social media. Brands need to post engaging content to keep the followers loyal. Today brands are posting the photos of the products and sometimes even repetitive so are lead to disinterest of followers. Amrapali Jewels posts a lot of images of celebrities featuring their jewelry. It lacks focus on branding even though it is a good way to communicate with the audience. The posts should be interactive and should engage the consumers. Brands like Malabar Gold and Diamonds have tried something new by posting tips from Slide share. The quality of the content and creatives is a very important aspect.


 5. Start social media campaigns

For increasing the consumer engagement, brands have come up with social media campaigns that involve them to share their stories, experiences and posts. Some famous social media campaigns are #SnapOutOfIt, #IDidIt, etc. Platinum Day of Love has been able to boost it’s branding among it’s target audience by campaigns like Share Your Love Stories and Places Of Love. Along with this there are contests where consumers have to use a certain hashtag and get a chance to be featured on the brand’s page.

There are different brands leading on different media platforms. There are many aspects to consider when evaluating a brand on the basis of it’s social media presence. The factors are Community Building, Content Strategy, Community Engagement and Sentiment.

To conclude brands should come up with content that establishes their brand positioning and ensuring that there is constant interaction and they will succeed in enhancing their business on social media.

About the Author

This article has been written by Moksha Turakhia. Moksha is working as a Lead HR at RDA Insights. Along with a passion in HR, she loves content writing and has deep understanding of social media engines and marketing.