Why is E-learning the future in India?

E-Learning Is Here to Stay: Why Distance Learning Is the Future of Education in India The Indian education landscape is witnessing a great shift. With the rise in technological advancements, the EduTech industry is revolutionizing the way we learn, and with the looks of it, it seems like online and blended learning (e-learning + [...]

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Garnet – The January Birthstone | Importance of Garnet

For all you fortunate people born in January, garnets come in wide range of color and lustre. You can select your favourite color. The few colors of Garnets are red, green, brown, orange, yellow, purple, black and also in shaded colors like reddish orange, yellowish orange, Pinkish orange. Most common colors for garnets are red [...]

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E-learning or Classroom Learning? JK Diamonds

E-learning is no more a niche method of teaching that only caters to a handful of subjects. It has established itself as a worthy contender in the education field. But does that mean it can take over the decades of establishment that classroom learning has made for itself all these years? When asked [...]

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E-learning: The New Form of Education Built for the 21st Century Learners

Education in the gems and jewelry industry is no more restricted to classrooms, which has been clearly demonstrated by J K Diamonds Institute of Gems & Jewelry and Learnathon through their practical online Gemology and jewelry designing courses. But does distance learning have the potential to become the new normal post Covid19? The answer is [...]

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